St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

Key Stage 5

In 6th form there are lots of options to study PE and sport, These are:

BTEC level 3 Diploma is sport

Students at Level 3 get the option to study 9 units over a two year course. All work is assessed via course work. Students are expected to produce written work and gain video evidence.

Year 1

Year 2

AS and A Level

This course comprises of two qualifications students can achieve.

AS in Year 12 (Half an A-level and UCAS points)

A2 in Year 13 (Completion of AS and A2 units = Full A-level qualification and 140 UCAS points)

AS Level

Unit 1: (Theory Exam – 84 marks - 2 hour Exam Paper – 4 Components)

UNIT 2: (Practical Element – x2 Sport Assessment - 100 marks)

A Level

UNIT 3: (Theory Exam – 84 marks - 2 hour Exam Paper – 3 Components)

UNIT 4: (Practical and Coursework Element – x1 Sport Assessment = 60 marks & Coursework = 60marks )

There are 3 Sections to UNIT 4

  1. Section A = Practical Assessment (60marks) as a Performer, Coach or Official in your sport and you will assessed in a fully competitive situation.
    1. For your practical assessment you must demonstrate a physiological + psychological preparation (warm up, mental rehearsal.)
  2. Section B + C = Coursework Element) (60 marks)
    1. 6 weaknesses in your sport that you are performing in for section A of Unit 4

Level 3 Sports leadership

The Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful learners to lead unsupervised groups of people in sport and recreational activities. This qualification builds upon the skills and experience gained through the Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership and the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership.

Students will be assessed on 30 hours of sports leadership over the course of the year.