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Motor Vehicle

"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams - so I built it myself"
Ferdinand Porsche

About the Course:

This course is offered as a double option with GCSE Resistant Materials. It is designed to enable students seeking to enter the motor vehicle service and repair sector to gain basic knowledge and a qualification in vehicle maintenance. It is a practical course delivered in a realistic work based environment. Students will be taught the necessary skills required for the maintenance and repair of light vehicles. They will also learn the operating principles involved in tyres, brakes, steering and suspension.

The course will be delivered by Wirral Metropolitan College at their 12 Quays Campus in Birkenhead. Students will be required to attend college every Wednesday from 1.15 to 4.15.

There will be a formal application procedure, including completing an application form and attending an interview with the course tutors, for all pupils interested in this course. You may also be required to attend an induction event towards the end of year 9.

Topics studied:

  • Health and Safety
  • Engineering Equipment & Materials
  • Vehicle Valeting
  • Steering, Braking and Suspension Units
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Wheels, Tyres & Exhausts

Students will build up a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their understanding of each of the units taught.

How it will be assessed:

There will be some knowledge based multiple-choice tests, but the main form of assessment will be the portfolio.

What it prepares you for:

After the course, pupils will have a good idea of what is involved when working in the motor vehicle industry. Success at Level 1 allows progression to further training at Level 2 or to employment within the motor vehicle sector.