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St Mary's Catholic College
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Year 7

Drama in year 7 forms part of the Arts Carousel. This means you will rotate around the four arts subjects throughout the year. In drama, this will mean you will experience 3 different units of work.

Throughout these units you will explore a variety of drama skills, take on different characters and learn about different styles of drama.


  1. Me and My Community- in this unit you will explore the school community and the communities you live in. You will take on a character to explore community issue.
  2. World Cultures- in this unit you will learn about the origins of drama by exploring Greek Theatre, and then explore drama from different countries around the world, looking at traditional stories
  3. Across the Universe- in this unit you will explore the use of physical theatre as you venture to a new world to set up a new life

You can also develop your knowledge and understanding of drama outside of lessons. Joining one of our extra curricular groups can help to develop your performance skills and give your confidence a boost! In addition, going to see live theatre can help you to develop your knowledge and understanding even further.

You will also find that many of the skills you learn in drama are transferrable in other subject you will be studying. Many teachers will use role play and re-enactment, particularly in History and English, but other skills such as team work and self confidence will help you in many different areas.

Homework will take the form of Arts Independent Project's (A.I.P's) which are long extended projects, or more traditional weekly.