St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

GCSE Dance

GCSE Dance at St Mary's introduces students to a variety of dance styles, dance works and movement vocabulary. The study of dance contributes to students' aesthetic and social development. It promotes fitness and well-being and supports learning across a range of subjects. As performers, students develop confidence, self-esteem, self- and body-awareness, teamwork and sensitivity to others.

Dance is physical and requires the determination to improve and succeed; students need to be imaginative and creative and most of all enjoy dancing.

The course is divided into Performance, Appreciation and Composition.

Unit 1: Critical appreciation of dance: Students will study a minimum of two professional works and answer a short written paper

Units 2 & 3: Set dance and group performance: Students perform a set dance and a group performance created in collaboration with teachers.

Unit 4: Solo and group choreography: Students will be asked to choreograph a solo and a group dance based on three set stimuli given by the examining board.

How it will be assessed:

All work is internally marked then moderated by an AQA visiting examiner.