St Mary's Catholic College, Wallasey

St Mary's Catholic College
A Voluntary Aided Academy

Year 7

In Year 7 we build upon the technical skills in Art and Design and the creativity and imagination of the students that have been established at Key Stage 2.

We do this by following three units across the year, one per term. Within the units we aim to develop a variety of skills - observational drawing and tonal skills (unit 1), batik and tie dye skills (unit 2) and relief and three dimensional skills (unit 3). Across all units however it is the creativity, exploration, experimentation and the students response to the artwork of others that develops them as artists.

Students work in sketchbooks in school to develop and record their art ideas and to collect visual and written information from the world around them .By using other artists and cultures to inspire their ideas they then will review and refine their work to produce a finished piece that they have designed and created using the new technical skills they have learnt.

In unit 1 they will produce a book cover for their biography that they have completed in English, in unit 2 they will produce an Aboriginal Batik wall hanging after studying the artwork and beliefs of the aboriginal people , and in unit 3 they will produce a mask for film or television based upon their work in science looking at the solar system and contemporary science fiction programmes such as Dr Who. A portfolio based research project is set for homework and is awarded a separate over all grade at the end of each unit. This research will be based upon the artist or culture they are studying to help them with ideas for their artwork.

All students have access to art club at lunch time and after school for support with their class work and independent study and parents and guardians can help support students by taking them to local galleries and museums to help them with their research and ideas. Photography is also a very useful skill to develop to help them collect visual stimulus for their projects.