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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Number of pupils receiving catch up funding 12/13

Total number of pupils in year 7


Total number of pupils eligible for funding


Amount of funding received per pupil


Total amount received



For pupils in state-funded schools (including academies and Free Schools), the Department has allocated £500 for each pupil who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or mathematics (maximum £500 per pupil) at Key Stage 2. The final figures have been calculated using the 2012 Key Stage 2 provisional data and the autumn 2012 School Census data.

This additional funding is to be used by schools to provide literacy and numeracy catch-up support for Year 7 pupils. It will enable those pupils that did not achieve level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at Key Stage 2 to be given the opportunity to catch up as quickly as possible.

All members of staff, governors and teaching assistants accept responsibility for lower attaining pupils and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within a caring Catholic environment. This is an essential, integral part of the spiritual development of the whole college community.

As with every child in our care, a child who is considered to be attaining below expectations is valued, respected and entitled to develop to his/her full potential, irrespective of need. This is carried out in the day to day running of the college and reflected in our mission statement, ‘to love and serve the Christ within us all.’

Whole College focus of spending 2012/13

It is important that all students make progress from point of entry into St Mary’s Catholic College. Priority one for whole College attainment is:
- To monitor strategies in order to ensure students’ attainment in key groups continues to exceed or is at least in line with national standards in key attainment measures. Ensure rapid and sustained progress continues to be made across key stages.

This report outlines the strategies put in place for students eligible for Year 7 catch up premium. However, it is not an exhaustive list and the college utilises some of these successful initiatives and approaches to support other learners.

Nature of additional support and intervention 2012/13

Intervention is sharply focused on improving levels of progress in English and Mathematics, and supporting the development of literacy and numeracy skills giving students the most life chances and identified as a whole college priority.

A curriculum map and learning programmes are generated to ensure appropriate pathways for progress are in place. The College has also developed Learning Programmes in all department areas for all key stages and these are available for parents on the college website.

In English intervention was focused on Literacy and included:

Estimated year 7 catch up premium 13/14

Total number of pupils in year 7


Estimated pupils eligible for catch up premium


Amount of catch up premium received per pupil


estimated amount of PPG allocated


Focus for 2013/14

Further to the above strategies, A literacy and numeracy summer school will be introduced for year 6 students. The TUTE online tuition system will be further developed. A departmental approach will be monitored and developed alongside whole college measures, with achievement of low attaining students being tracked and monitored.

All 2012/13 strategies and systems have been evaluated and successful initiatives will continue, these have informed the whole college improvement plans and in particular the ‘closing the gap plan.’ The college will continue to work closely with the LA and local schools to ensure best practice is in place and gaps close.

Review of intervention 13/14

The English and Maths teams have both been added to with teaching staff and TAs, furthering the capacity for intervention.

Pet delivered a two week learning programme with level 3 students in Literacy and Numeracy

A timetable of 1-1 tuition was set up and delivered by the Literacy team alongside small group teaching withdrawing students from mfl.

TAs were trained in the phonics catch up scheme

TUTE online numeracy tuition was timetabled and delivered to year 7 students

Numeracy breakfast club was set up and delivered to year 7 students, with year 12 numeracy ambassadors helping.

The ART screening test was purchased as was Dyscalculia screening. All year 7 and 8 students have been Art tested

A two week Summer School was set up and delivered

A whole college Literacy and Whole college Numeracy post was created, externally advertised and recruited.

In English at year 7 the low attainers on entry made more progress over the year than the Mid and High attainers on entry.

In Maths in year 7 the low attainers on entry made more progress than the mid attainers o entry.

Number of pupils receiving catch up funding 14/15

Total number of pupils in year 7


Total number of pupils eligible for funding

63 (15 English, 26 Maths, 22 Both)

Amount of funding received per pupil


Total amount received


Literacy Interventions

Numeracy Interventions

Review of intervention 14/15


At the end of last academic year, Y7 were 42% better at their times tables compared with their performance at the beginning of the year. This percentage takes into account the speed and accuracy of students recall.

Students who regularly attended after school intervention classes achieved an average of 0.64 sublevels higher than those students who were invited, but did not attend.

Of the 46 students who came to St Mary’s below a L4 in Y7, 39% achieved a L4 or higher by the end of the academic year.


Of the 31 students who came in with an overall level below level 4, 65% progressed to level 4 by the end of the year.

Number of pupils receiving catch up funding 15/16

Yr 7- 22 below level 3 English (14 of these also below level 3 Maths)

- 30 below level 3 maths (8 of these also below level 3 English)

Yr8- 15 English, 26 Maths, 22 Both

Additional Numeracy interventions 15/16

Compulsory intervention for level 3 on entry Y7 and Y8 students during progress and aspiration time. Students working with Nessie Numbers and Manga High on computers.

After school numeracy club for Y7 AND Y8 this year. Games and fun activities.

Staff to be made more accountable at KS3 for their class data through APR process

Data analysed at AIM meetings-appropriate strategies put in place

In class targeted TA support

Numeracy focus within summer school

Aspirational targets set

All KS3 students working though Numeracy activities during progress and aspiration time. Fully differentiated for level 3 students.

Pastoral interventions

Gap centre intervention

P and A coach interviews

Additional Literacy interventions 15/16


Targeted TA in lessons

MFL withdrawal

Pastoral interventions

Gap centre intervention

P and A time literacy tasks

Literacy reading boxes

Small teaching groups

1-1 withdrawal

P and A time Withdrawal

P and A coach interviews

After school club

Library reading sessions- Reading for pleasure scheme

-Summer school

Bosco support

Aspirational closing the gap targets set

Year 7:
Year 8:
Year 9: